Professional Automotive Modeling Certificate Programs

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Whether you are looking to develop a new career, make a career change or enhance your existing art or design skills, CCS certificate programs in Professional Automotive Modeling can help.

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The Professional Automotive Modeling programs prepare you for employment as a 3D modeler in the transportation and product design industries. Coursework in the essential techniques of hand modeling for pre-visualizing final products in clay, and digital modeling of designs in Alias®, will prepare you for high-demand positions at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the auto and product industries. By building manual and/or digital modeling skills, you will learn how the two approaches integrate in the real world.

As a student in our certificate program, you will be required to complete a series of courses that are tied to a set curricula. Certificate courses can be taken at the college credit (3.0) or non-credit level, and you can enroll without becoming a full-time student. You can complete a Certificate in as little as three semesters. Students must apply and be accepted into the certificate program before enrolling in any of the certificate-level courses. A participant may complete two tracks, but CCS recommends completing one track of study at a time.

Clay Modeling

Learn to translate drawn design concepts into 3D clay models using industry standard tools and methods. Work from orthographic drawings and work with design direction to transform a designer’s vision into a reality. Clay modeling is still used widely in the automotive and product design industries as a way to previsualize design concepts and to sell upper management on approving designs for manufacture. CCS has worked with automotive industry leaders to ensure what is taught in this program will prepare participants for entry-level positions.

Alias® - Digital 3D Modeling

OEMs need digital sculptors who can prepare math data files for manufacture. This requires the ability to work with fine detail, problem solve structural and design issues, and work at a high level of skills in Alias®. Though involved in the creative process, sculptors are the last link between design and manufacturing, and need to communicate well with both designers and engineers.

(*Intermediate level Alias®)