Advertising Design

Advertising Design Curriculum

Advertising Design students enrolling at CCS will be required to own or purchase a laptop computer for their studies.

Freshman Year

First Semester = 15-16 credit hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
SLP 007CCS First Year Experience1
DFN 101Foundation Drawing I3
DFN 1172D Design3
DFN 119Digital Techniques3
DAD 110Advertising Design & Typography3
*DEN 107Composition I3
DLE --- General Education Elective

*DEN 107 is placed as a Gen Ed elective. English path Is determined by High School English scores or the English Placement Exercise (EPE)

DEN 107 and DLE --- Determined by Path

Second Semester = 15 credit hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 112Drawing II: Visualization3
DFN 1183D Design3
DAD 120Concepts & Processes3
DAD 122Motion Techniques3
DEN 106Composition II3

Sophomore Year

Third Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 1163D Techniques3
DAD 235Concepts and Campaign3
DAD 250Introduction to Copywriting3
DAD 283Marketing & Media3
DAH 200Western Art History/Visual Culture3
DFS 101Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study3
Fourth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 287Media & Experience3
ChooseDAD 266App Happy3
OneDAD 155Copy Styles
DAH 221Commercial Concepts & Production3
Choose DAH 201Visual Narration Asia3
OneVisual Narration Africa/America
DAS 213Business Practices3
DEN 239Survey of World Literature3

Junior Year

Fifth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 321Commercial Techniques & Production3
ChooseDAD 365Digital Narrative3
EmphasisDAD - - -Advertising Design Elective
ChooseDAH 341History of Modern Design3
OneDLE ---General Education Elective
DVC 200Concepts & Methods of Visual Culture3
Sixth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 322Integrated Campaigns3
ChooseDAD 366Experiential Media3
EmphasisDAD 355Copywriting for Web
DAD ---Advertising Design Elective3
DAH 361History of Advertising 3
D- - - - -Elective 3

Senior Year

Seventh Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 421Portfolio Lab I3
ChooseDAD 443Content Creation3
OneDAD 360Social Media
DNS 300Natural Science 3
DLE ---General Education Elective3
ChooseDAH** ---Art History 3
OneDVC** ---Visual Culture Elective

**DAH/DVC must be taken at the 200 level or higher

Eighth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 422Portfolio Lab II3
DAD 460Thesis Studio3
DAD - - -Advertising Design Elective3
DLE ---General Education Elective3
D- - - - -Elective 3
Catalog Year 20/21 Total Credits      126-127*
Total credits: 127:   First Year Experience=1;   Foundations=18;   Major=60;   Gen Ed=42;    Elective=6
Advertising Emphasis
DAD 266App Happy
DAD 365Digital Narrative
DAD 366Experiential Media
DAD 434Content Creation
Copywriting Emphasis
DAD 155Copy Styles
DAD 350Copywriting for Television & Radio
DAD 355Copywriting for Web
DAD 360Social Media

Advertising Design Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Upon graduation, students in the BFA Advertising Design and BFA Copywriting programs will be able to:

  1. Conduct research and synthesize critical thinking to develop strategies for solving marketing problems and creating transformative ideas.
  2. Combine the disciplines of art direction, copywriting and digital design in creating integrated campaigns using appropriate media choices to reach the intended audience.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in designing interactive user engagement and “cross-platform” experiences that apply alternative and emerging digital media, technology, tools, and devices.
  4. Collaborate in creative teams and lead effectively; articulate strategy and ideas, critique others and defend their work in an agency/studio environment.
  5. Create professional level portfolios, websites, oral presentations, video case-studies and digital prototypes.
  6. Support professional practice, community service, and diversity of cultures through internships, industry groups, experiential learning, international studies, sponsored projects, and volunteering.