Advertising Design

Advertising Design Curriculum

Advertising Design students enrolling at CCS will be required to own or purchase a laptop computer for their studies.

Freshman Year

First Semester = 15-16 credit hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
SLP 007CCS First Year Experience1
DFN 101Foundation Drawing I3
DFN 1172D Design3
DFN 119Digital Fundamentals3
DGD 151Typography I3
DEN 108The Art of Argumentation3
Second Semester = 15 credit hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 112Drawing II: Visualization3
DFN 1183D Design3
DGD 152Typography II3
DAD 110Advertising Design and Typography3
DFS 101Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study3

Sophomore Year

Third Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 1163D Techniques3
DAD 234Sophomore Advertising Studio I3
ChooseDPH 111Photo Practice: From Halide to Pixel3
OneDPH 155Digital Imaging for Photographers
DMA 125Introduction to Digital Filmmaking3
DAH 200Art & Culture: Ages of Discovery3
DEN 239Survey of World Literature3
Fourth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 235Sophomore Advertising Studio II3
DAD 265Introduction to Digital Advertising3
DAD 283Marketing & Media3
ChooseDAH 201Visual Narration: Asia3
OneVisual Narration: Africa/America
DAS 213Business Practices3
DVC 200Concepts & Methods of Visual Culture3

Junior Year

Fifth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 321Junior Advertising Studio I3
DAD 250Introduction to Copywriting3
DAD - - -Advertising Design Elective3
DAH 341History of Modern Design3
DNS 300Natural Science 3
Sixth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 322Junior Advertising Studio II3
DAD 365Digital Advertising I3
DAD - - -Advertising Design Elective3
ChooseDAH 361History of Advertising 3
OneDLE ---Liberal Arts Elective
D- - - - -Elective 3

Senior Year

Seventh Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 421Senior Advertising Studio I3
DAD 433Television Commercial Production3
DLE ---Liberal Arts Elective3
DLE ---Liberal Arts Elective 3
ChooseDAH 400Art History 3
OneDVC 400Visual Culture Elective
Eighth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DAD 422Senior Advertising Studio II3
DAD 460Senior Portfolio Studio3
DAD - - -Advertising Design Elective3
DET BY PATH*DEN 107Writing Workshop3
DLE ---Liberal Arts Elective
D- - - - -Elective 3
DEN 107 is placed as a liberal arts elective. English path is determined by ACT/SAT writing scores or the English Placement Exercise (EPE).
Catalog Year 18/19 Total Credits      126-127*
Total credits: 127:   First Year Experience=1;   Foundations=18;   Major=60;   Liberal Arts=42;   General Elective=6