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Students in classroom lecture learning about branding and self-imaging management.

Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies

Even the best artist or designer needs to know the business behind their craft.

In an effort to provide business expertise to our students, CCS has partnered with Walsh College, the area’s premier business school, to offer a set of four courses in business studies. This group of courses, referred to as a “concentration,” is similar to a “minor” but requires fewer courses to complete. Once you’ve finished these courses, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you and “Business Concentration” will appear on your official transcript. Students also have the option of enrolling in just one or two of the CCS/Walsh courses, but in doing so forego the Certificate of Completion and the Business Concentration notation on their official academic record.


The four courses required to complete the Business Concentration include Business Practices (DAS 213), plus three CCS/Walsh courses, taught by Walsh faculty on the CCS campus. Students may select the three CCS/Walsh courses as liberal arts electives or general electives, allowing them to complete their major and the Business Concentration within the 126-127 credits required to graduate. 

The courses will be taught as a hybrid, meaning that a portion of the course will be in the classroom and a portion will be online. The courses will also run on an 11-week schedule but require the same amount of work as a 15-week 3-credit Liberal Arts class. This means that students will be expected to devote extra time each week to completing work with the benefit of having the end of the term free to complete work in other classes. 

The following courses make up the Business Concentration:

Branding and Self-Image Management (DAS 313)

This course prepares students to connect their creative practice with prospective customers and clients through the study of contemporary marketing techniques. The course builds on knowledge gained in DAS-213 Business Practices to deepen student understanding of fundamental business concepts and methods.  
(Prerequisite: Business Practices)

Money Management Skills for Artists and Designers (DAS 314)

This course instructs students in principles of financial management specifically related to the needs of artists and designers. It builds on knowledge gained in DAS-213 Business Practices to deepen student understanding of fundamental business concepts and methods. Through coursework and practice, students develop a set of skills and tools relevant to operating a small or growing start-up company, working in an independent freelance practice, or working in a corporate design studio or other creative environment.  (Prerequisite Business Practices)

Advanced Business Skills for Artist and Designers (DAS 315)

Students in this course are exposed to advanced concepts and practices of business leadership. The focus will be on translating the knowledge of leadership into sound practices that support artists or designers and the creative work they pursue.  The primary concepts in this course will include leadership theories and teambuilding practices to create an understanding for how to integrate the artist/designer into the creative marketplace. Students will complete a leadership portfolio and a teambuilding project.  (Prerequisites:  DAS-213 Business Practices; Branding & Image Management and Money Management)

Business Practices (current CCS required course DAS 213)

This course prepares students to function as professional artists and/or designers. It provides an introduction to contemporary business theories, trend analysis, and branding techniques and practices. As well, students learn and use basic project management principles, project costing models, and the elements of business plan design.
(Prerequisite(s): DEN 108, DFS 100)