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People tend to think of ceramics as pottery and stop there. They also often think that a potmaker will never find a job. At CCS, we know that ceramics is not only the everyday but everything beyond that, and opportunities are everywhere to use these skills—from the auto industry and architecture to product design and museum restoration. 

Ceramic artists make objects that are sculptural and expressive, objects that have a use in daily life, or objects that combine beauty and function. But what all of these handmades have in common is that they create an intimate connection between the maker and the user.

The Ceramics department offers instruction in thrown work—using a wheel to create objects for daily use, such as vessels—and sculptural work and has an excellent program in slipcasting (creating molds to mass produce pottery). A student who specializes in Ceramics at CCS will learn the scientific properties of clay and glazes, as well as techniques such as hand-building, modeling and coiling. Students can also work with as many other materials as they can imagine. Think: ceramics with glass, ceramics with steel, ceramics with fiber, ceramics with stone.

Career Choices

Ceramic Art
Clay Modeling

Gallery Ownership
Independent Art

Mold Making
Set/Prop Design

Tile Design
Visual Merchandising

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