Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

Whether they want to create sculptures and architectural work or vessels and earrings, more students minor in Metalsmithing & Jewelry than in any other CCS department. That’s because forging iron, molding copper or shaping silver gives them the chance to expand their creativity and develop new conceptual and problem-solving skills. It also just lets them get their hands dirty and make something beautiful and functional. And CCS is one of only two institutions in the United States with significant coursework in blacksmithing.

Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design students make ornamental objects, such as knives, vessels, jewelry and other small-scale work, as well as architectural elements, such as gates, grills or railings. Students can also create sculptural work in both areas.

Career Choices

A degree in art and design can lead to multiple creative careers. CCS’s curriculum teaches the type of critical thinking and professional skills that give graduates great flexibility and many options as their careers unfold.

Learn about Careers in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

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