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First Semester = 15-16 Credit Hours
 Course #Course TitleCredits
SLP 007CCS First Year Experience1
DFN 135Image Concepts I3
DFN 1372D & 3D Integrated Design Studio3
DFN 139Color & Light Studies3
DMA 120Creative Visualization3
DET BY PATH*DEN 101Composition I3

Second Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DFN 136Image Concepts II3
DFN 1384D Design Studio3
DFN 142Performance Spaces3
DMA 125Intro to Digital Filmmaking3
DEN 102Composition II3

*DEN 107 is placed as a Gen Ed elective. English path is determined by High School English scores or the English Placement Exercise (EPE).

Third Semester = 18 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DMA 2112D Digital Animation I3
DMA 312Sound Design I3
DMA 225Intermediate Digital Filmmaking3
DMA 232Gesture Drawing3
DAH 200Western Art History/Visual Culture3
DLE---General Education Elective3

Fourth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
 Course #Course TitleCredits
Choose TwoDMA 217 Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics6
DMA 230Experimental Animation
DMA 235Playing the Self
DMA 345Experimental Filmmaking I3
DMA 2122D Digital Animation II3
Choose OneDAH 201 Visual Narration: Asia3
DAH 201 Visual Narration: Africa/America
DEN 239Survey of World Literature3
Fifth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
 Course #Course TitleCredits
DMA 325Narrative Filmmaking I3
Choose OneDMA 342Documentary Filmmaking3
DMA 352Experimental Filmmaking II
DMA ---Digital Film Elective3
DAH 315History of Film3
DAS 213Business Practices

Sixth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
 Course #Course TitleCredits
DMA 326Narrative Filmmaking II3
Choose OneDMA 322Sound Design II3
DMA ---Entertainment Arts Elective
DMA 333Advanced Story Concepts3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
DNS 300Natural Science 3
Seventh Semester = 15 Credit Hours
 Course #Course TitleCredits
DMA 410Senior Production Studio I3
DMA 424Professional Futures I3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
Choose OneDAH** ---Art History 3
DVC** ---Visual Culture Elective
D- - - - - Elective 3

Eighth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DMA 420Senior Production Studio II3
DMA 425Professional Futures II3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
D- - - - -Elective3

**DAH/DVC must be taken at the 200 level or higher

Catalog Year 20/21 | Total Credits : 126-127

Total credits: 127: First Year Experience=1; Foundations=18; Major=60; Gen Ed=42; Elective=6 General Electives=6