Liberal Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree you earn at CCS tells the world you have acquired a "well-rounded" education.

How will a "well-rounded" education benefit you? You'll need math skills and an understanding of business practices to understand your company's design budget or to fly solo as a freelancer. Psychology and Concepts of Culture will give you insight into the thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and values of the people affected by your work. Courses in Earth Science and Color and Light will provide you the knowledge to understand the science behind technical media such as photography, animation, game design and film. And, in this competitive market, strong writing skills are a must.

Declaring a Liberal Arts Concentration

Liberal Arts concentrations are 12 credits. Students should consult with the Liberal Arts Chair for specific information. A Concentration Declaration Form must be signed by the Liberal Arts Chair and returned to the Academic Advising and Registration Office for processing.

In the Art History, Business, Sustainability & Social Responsibility and Visual Culture concentrations a maximum of one three credit course can be counted towards the concentration and a requirement within Liberal Arts. All other Liberal Arts concentrations include only liberal arts elective courses. A maximum of three transfer credits earned from an accredited institution may be applied to a concentration in any area of study. Students may be asked to provide a course description or syllabus for transfer credit in question.

All concentrations appear on the final official transcript but do not appear on the diploma. Students who complete the Business Concentration receive a certificate.