Product Design

Product Design Curriculum

Freshman Year

First Semester = 15-16 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
SLP 007CCS First Year Experience1
DFN 132Model Making3
DFN 1183D Design3
DFN 101Foundation Drawing I3
DPR 125Introduction to Product Design3
DET BY PATH*DEN 107Composition I3
DLE ---General Education Elective
Second Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 1172D Design3
DFN 112Drawing II: Visualization3
DPR 113Visual Communication I3
DPR 126Product Design I3
DEN 108Composition II3

Sophomore Year

Third Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DFN 119Digital Techniques3
DPR 213Visual Communication II3
DPR 225Product Design II3
DAH 200Western Art History/Visual Culture3
DFS 101Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study3
Fourth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DPR 214Visual Communication III3
DPR 220Design Research3
DPR 226Product Design III3
DPR 2613D Modeling & Rendering I3
ChooseDAH 201Visual Narration: Asia3
OneVisual Narration: Africa/America
DEN 239Survey of World Literature3

Junior Year

Fifth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DPR 325Advanced Product Design I3
DPR 333Presentation Techniques3
DPR 357Human Factors3
DPR 3613D Modeling & Rendering II 3
DAS 213Business Practices3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
Sixth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DPR 371Materials and Processes3
DPR 326Advanced Product Design II3
DPR - - -Product Design Elective3
DAH 341History of Modern Design3
DNS 300Natural Science 3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3

Senior Year

Seventh Semester = 15 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DPR 425Professional Development Studio I3
DPR - - - Product Design Elective3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
D - - - - - Elective 3
Eighth Semester = 12 Credit Hours
EarnedCourse #Course TitleCredits
DPR 426Professional Development Studio II3
DPR - - -Product Design Elective3
ChooseDAH** ---Art History 3
OneDVC** ---Visual Culture Elective
D - - - - - Elective 3

*DEN 107 is placed as a Gen Ed elective. English path is determined by High School English scores or the English Placement Exercise (EPE).

**DAH/DVC must be taken at the 200 level or higher

Catalog Year 20/21 Total Credits      126-127
Total credits: 127:   First Year Experience=1;   Foundations=18;   Major=60;   Liberal Arts=42;   General Elective=6

Product Design Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Upon graduation, students from the BFA Product Design program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of socioeconomic and technological dynamics to identify opportunities and create disruptive solutions.
  2. Use analog and digital tools to explore 2D/3D designs, material and manufacturing methods, and aesthetic sensitivity in the creation of relevant and impactful outcomes.
  3. Build a comprehensive and diverse portfolio consisting of innovative products, services, experiences, and interaction designs applicable to diverse career opportunities.
  4. Promote and demonstrate professionalism and leadership in the field of product design.