Undecided? We can help you discover a major to fit your passion.

athletic shoe rendering

Brenton Wehrmeyer, Digital show sketches

woman in white shirt on green background with hands behind head

Arnold Hong, Digital illustration

College is about discovering who you are and what you want to become. As an artist, your interest can change based on the type of projects you’ve worked on or the career you desire. That is why CCS created a special undeclared path, “Discovery of your Practice,” to help undecided incoming students find the right fit for their artistic interests.

The Discovery of Your Practice path is a one-semester class that includes multifaceted class projects and insightful critiques.

All you have to do is apply to CCS and choose the Undeclared major on the application. From there we will enroll you in Discovery of your Practice.

Students considering Undeclared may also want to look at our newest major – Interdisciplinary Art + Design, which allows for guided exploration of a variety of art and design disciplines. See what you could integrate into your interdisciplinary study or get more detail on our single discipline offerings at the link below.