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With CCS welcoming students from 24 countries, we offer a diverse and exciting global environment in which to study.

At CCS, international students are warmly welcomed through a variety of international student services that help them thrive in their new community. These services include a friendly ride from the Detroit airport to the CCS campus, safe living and learning environment, small class sizes, international orientation, visa and immigration, academic advising, internship and career preparation and so much more.

International Alumni

Head Shot Sanchari Mahapatra

Sanchari Mahapatra
Color & Materials Designer,
Calty Design Research, Inc.

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Tolga Caglar

Co-Founder, Industrial Design Manager

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Niko Pesa

Exterior Designer

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Alejandra Castelao

Industrial + Spacial Designer


Midtown Detroit is where the College for Creative Studies makes its home. It's just north of Downtown Detroit and arguably the most progressive and fastest growing parts of our rapidly changing city. Since 2014 our neighborhood has been named “one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in the country” by such media outlets as USA Today, Time and HotSpot. Midtown houses the award winning Detroit Medical Center and major cultural institutions including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Historical Museum, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Michigan Science Center. Galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, dog parks and Michigan's fourth largest university all call Midtown home.


Midtown is also known as one of the safest urban neighborhoods in the United States and CCS boasts an impressive and long-standing safety record. Your safety is one of our greatest priorities and we take pride in being considered one of the safest college campuses in Michigan.


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There are lots of ways to learn about CCS: teachers, friends, social networks. But, the best way though is in person! There are several options available for you to visit CCS. Choose the option that fits you and your busy schedule best.


Do you want to see what life is like at CCS and earn college credit before you are a student? Learn more about our 3-week Summer Experience camp, where you will earn 3.0 college credits, prepare college-level work, develop your interests and talent, and build your portfolio.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether traveling from another country or around the block, housing is available to all students. The CCS campus is made up of two unique sites, the Walter and Josephine Ford Campus and the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, located in the heart of Detroit's Cultural Center and New Center areas.

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At CCS we understand the importance of financial aid and strive to make the process as easy as possible. While international students are not awarded U.S. Government aid, they are eligible to receive the merit-based scholarships that all students are considered for upon admission. To determine the amount of merit-based scholarship a student is eligible for, they must submit an application and portfolio and wait for an admission and scholarship decision. Visit for additional financial aid and scholarship information.

Many offices and departments on campus hire students, each semester. You are eligible to apply for on-campus “work-study” jobs once you arrive at CCS. “Work-study” job listings are managed through the Office of Financial Aid.

International students are able to participate in professional internship opportunities through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). CPT is a kind of work authorization for students on an F-1 visa, it requires a formal application process, and you must receive the offer of a job or internship in order to be eligible to apply for CPT. Professional internship opportunities become available in the Junior (3rd) year of your academic program. You will learn about CPT at International Orientation, and through workshops that are hosted by the International Student Services Office, each semester.

International students on F-1 visas are not permitted to work off-campus without prior authorization.

Employment during the academic year (fall and winter semesters) must be part-time and cannot exceed 20 hours per week. International students are permitted to work full-time during the summer recess.

After graduation, international students may become eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT is a work authorization that allows international students on an F-1 visa to stay in the USA for one year, for the purpose of practical work experience in their field of study. Students complete OPT applications, with the assistance of the International Student Services Office, in the final semester of their academic program.

The following programs at CCS are eligible for the OPT STEM Extension, which allows students to extend their period of OPT, after graduation, for up to 3 years:
Entertainment Arts: Animation
Entertainment Arts: Digital Film
Entertainment Arts: Video Game Design
Interaction Design (MFA)

Once you decide to attend CCS, you can become an official student by submitting your Enrollment Deposit fee. The Enrollment Deposit is not an additional fee, but will be applied toward your regular tuition. As an official CCS student, the International Student Services Office (ISSO) will assist you with your student visa application.

To study in the USA, you will be sponsored by CCS on an F-1 student visa. In order to apply for your visa, the International Student Services Office will issue you a form I-20. This is the official immigration document that you will use to schedule your visa application appointment at your local USA consulate or embassy.

In order to issue your I-20, the ISSO will require some additional documents, including a bank statement certifying funds that are sufficient to cover the all-inclusive cost of an entire academic year at CCS.

International students at CCS continue to receive assistance in immigration and academic advising from the ISSO throughout their student career.

The U.S. State Department website also provides information about the visa application process. You can also learn more general information about studying in the USA through the Education USA online resources.

Feel free to contact the International Student Services Office [link to the new ISSO contact page] if you have specific questions regarding any part of your visa application process.

Here is some helpful advice in preparation for your visa interview appointment, at your local USA consulate or embassy:

  • Confirm that all of the information on your I-20 is accurate and correct.
  • An F-1 student visa is a temporary, non-immigrant visa. As such, it is not intended as a path to immigration. Therefore, F-1 students are obliged to prove that they intend to return to their home country at the conclusion of their degree program.  For this reason, you should be prepared to demonstrate ties to your home country, at your visa interview, such as family, property, or employment.
  • In addition to your I-20 and passport, bring official College documents to your visa interview appointment, such as your admission letter and class schedule.
  • Demonstrate adequate financial support. Bring financial documents, proof of income, or business cards (if you have been working).
  • Do not use memorized text during the visa interview. Practice the interview with friends. Be prepared to answer such questions as "Where did you hear about this school?" "What do you plan to do after graduation?"
  • Know the job prospects in your field in your home country.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. Do not engage the consular officer in an argument. If you are denied a student Visa, ask the officer for a list of documents he or she would suggest you bring in order to overcome the refusal. Ask for the reason you were denied in writing.
  • Tell the truth. If you have family members in the United States, you should admit it. If the consular officials believe that you are lying or have lied in an interview (with regard to family or financial status), they will most likely deny your visa application.

No, CCS does not require a health exam or immunizations prior to entering the country. However, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with your doctor before traveling to the USA. Your own doctor may very well have immunization, or other, recommendations ahead of your relocation. It is a good idea to get an examination for yourself and to pack any necessary medications you may need.

CCS requires that all international students enroll in the health insurance policy offered through the College. All international students are automatically enrolled in this insurance program and student accounts are billed accordingly.

A tuition bill is issued for each academic semester in which a student may enroll (fall, winter, summer). Students can choose to pay each semester in full, or to enroll in the College’s monthly payment plan [link].

You may review the current cost of attendance on the College website.

You can access the academic calendar on our Blackboard site.

The academic year consists of two semesters (fall and winter). The fall semester runs from early September to mid-December, and the winter semester from early January to early May. The academic year is preceded by International Orientation and New Student Orientation, in late-August. There is a holiday break in December.

Yes! Unless you visit and see Detroit in person, you will never have an accurate idea of the positive and amazing sides of the city. CCS is located in the heart of Detroit's cultural center, which is surrounded by museums, research and learning institutions, art galleries, world-class restaurants and more.

CCS was founded more than 100 years ago in the City of Detroit. We are located in the birthplace of industrial design. Not only does this city have a historically relevant relationship to design, it is blossoming with new and vibrant activity!

[INLINK '3626']Learn more about Detroit[/INLINK

CCS has excellent security across campus and our student housing. As one of the safest college campuses in Michigan, CCS takes the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff very seriously. 

Learn more about CCS campus safety

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