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To ensure the integrity of our program, we require Master of Fine Arts degree candidates to demonstrate strong academic and design skills. Your application will be evaluated thoroughly, with transcripts, portfolio, statement of purpose resume/curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation and interview all taken into account. The committee takes a comprehensive approach to all candidates and recognizes them as individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences.

CCS Graduate Programs (MFA) offer one point of entry in the fall semester of each academic year. Applications for the upcoming fall (2018) will open on September 15, 2017.

Priority Application Deadline: January 15

Rolling Application Deadline: We will continue to consider applications on a rolling basis as space remains available.

Application Timeline: When all the application requirements have been met, the Graduate Admissions Committee will review the applicant's qualifications. Certain applicants will be invited to a phone or online interview. The admissions decisions will be made after the February 1, 2017 application deadline.

Scholarships: By completing your application to CCS, you are automatically considered for a graduate scholarship. Scholarship awards are based on your portfolio, academic record, interview and potential success in your Master of Fine Arts program. If you are fortunate enough to earn a scholarship, you will receive notification of that award in your CCS acceptance letter. If you are receiving tuition assistance from your employer or country, you are not eligible for these scholarships

Entrance Qualifications: All applicants must have completed, or be in the final year of completing, an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree in a design or related discipline. Additional degrees such as post graduate, masters or any certificate programs are not required to apply, but are welcome additions to your applicant profile.

The following are our suggestions by program:

  • Transportation Design - applicants with degrees and/or professional experience in the disciplines of Transportation Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, or related fields.
  • Integrated Design (formerly Interdisciplinary Design) - Applicants for the Integrated Design program are typically recent graduates, design professionals or educators with degrees in any design discipline. However, applicants with non-design degrees are encouraged to apply. Applicants who do not demonstrate design proficiency at the time of application, will be considered for a three-year Integrated Design option.
  • Color and Materials Design - applicants with degrees in Interior Design, Furniture Design, Product or Industrial Design, Transportation Design, Architecture, Textile Design, Crafts, Fiber, or Fashion and/or professional experience in related industries.
  • Interaction Design - applicants with degrees in Graphic Design, Product Design, Information Design, Computer Science, other technology-related fields, and/or professional experience in similar industries such as interface design, or interaction design areas, and a high-level of computer proficiency.


Three-year MFA program: Some applicants may be admitted to a specialized three-year program. In addition to the requisite MFA classes, you will take a customized series of undergraduate courses during your first year. This decision will be made during the admissions process by the Graduate Admissions Committee. This path is designed to help you acquire any necessary skills you might need to thrive as a CCS MFA student.

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