Graduate Admissions

Welcome to Graduate study in the United States of America.

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at CCS! The importance of international influences is recognized by CCS as an integral part of the educational experience. By assisting students from all over the world who attend CCS, we hope to create an atmosphere of dynamic idea exchange among students and faculty. We feel this is crucial to academic success at CCS and eventually the success of our alumni in the creative workplace.

We hope to make your admissions process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the office of  directly. For opportunities to meet one of our representatives in your home country, go to our Visit Us page for updated events abroad.

For more information regarding graduate study in the USA, please refer to the Education USA website.

Applicant Requirements

In addition to the items listed in the general requirements section, international students must complete the following:

  • Submit your official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score by mail directly from the testing agency (Electronic delivery can be requested for tests taken after 10/1/2015). The minimum required scores are: Internet version: 80; paper-based version: composite score of 527; computer-based: 197. For more information visit CCS's school code is 1035. Photocopied test results are not accepted. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) may be considered in place of the TOEFL test. The minimum required IELTS score is 6.5. Successful completion of ELS 112 also may be used in place of the TOEFL test. Please visit for more information. If your degree was taught in English, an English proficiency test is not required. The Graduate Admissions office will offer conditional admission to qualified candidates who do not meet the English proficiency standards at the time of application.
  • Please provide a certified English translation of your transcripts, along with the school’s official grading scale, so we can convert your grades and/or an accumulative Grade Point Average for all years attended in your bachelor’s degree.
  • Send official certification from a financial institution documenting funds necessary to cover one year’s tuition and expenses. Please notify Graduate Admissions if you plan to bring a spouse and/or dependent children. The actual amount available for your studies must be stated in U.S. dollars. For a total dollar amount per year, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  • Submit an affidavit of support (22 KB DOCX) if a sponsor will help pay for your education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Visas

After you decide to attend CCS and have paid your commitment fee, we will provide you with the proper SEVIS documents that the United States consulate or embassy will require for your visa application. The U.S. State Department website,, provides a comprehensive information dedicated to making the visa application as easy as possible for you. Another very helpful site for learning about studying in the U.S. is

View the step by step visa guide

Does CCS have teaching assistantships, fellowships or scholarships for international students?

Only when your application is complete and you have been formally admitted, can we determine a scholarship offer. All first-year graduate students receive a partial scholarship. Graduate Assistantship will be available in 2015. Please inquire with the office of admission regarding the application process.

What is a letter of recommendation and who should write it?

The required three letters of recommendation are meant to give our admissions committee a better understanding of who you are. They can be written by professors, employers or professional colleagues. The main purpose is to assess your work ethic and ability to succeed in graduate study. For questions or more information regarding letters of recommendation, you may email the .

Are there opportunities to work in the U.S. while I am a student?

Positions on-campus are limited, but you may apply for any open “work-study” jobs once you arrive at CCS. There are opportunities for curricular practical training through summer internships that you will learn about while you are here, but you must apply and be hired formally for these positions. You will earn credit for CPT and pay for the credit just like a class at CCS. Information on CPT opportunities will be provided during International Student Orientation.

What is an official transcript?

Transcripts are your official academic records from your school(s). You may submit your official transcripts by mail. Non-English transcripts must be submitted with an official English translation (see Application Requirements for more details). Official documents must bear the seal of the school and have an authorized signature. Photocopies are not accepted unless they are officially attested as exact copies of the original. Records should be submitted for all post-secondary schools attended and should provide a list of courses taken, yearly examination results and conferral of degrees.

How do I pay my commitment fee?

CCS requires a commitment fee of $100 to secure your admission. You may pay over the phone with a major credit card, by wire transfer (a fee applies) or by check drawn on a U.S. bank and mailed to the Graduate Admissions office. There is no online payment option available.

How does the fee structure work?

Tuition bills are issued twice per year and correspond to our semester academic system. Students are expected to pay for each semester in full, once in September and then again in January.

Review the current fee amounts.

On what days do classes begin and end?

You can access the academic calendar on our Blackboard site.

All new graduate students begin their studies in early September. Orientations begin in mid- to late August. There is a holiday break in December after which the second semester will begin. Graduate students attend class for two semesters per year.

Do I need a health exam prior to entering the country?

No, CCS does not require a health exam or immunizations prior to entering the country. However, it is a good idea to get an examination for yourself and to pack any necessary medications you may need.

How does CCS health insurance work?

Health services in the United States are very expensive. CCS requires that all international students enroll in the health insurance policy offered to students by Student Assurance Services (SAS) through the college. All international students are automatically enrolled in this insurance program and their student accounts are billed.

The costs for the health insurance offered through CCS are valid for 12 months:

  • Student only: $1,450
  • Spouse: $4,158 additional
  • Child: $2,303 additional, per child

What is Detroit like?

Check out our Campus Life webpage for lots of great resources on Detroit.

Is it safe in Detroit?

Yes! CCS has excellent security on campus as well as in our housing sections. Unless you visit and see Detroit in person, you will never have an accurate idea of the positive and amazing sides of the city. CCS was founded more than 100 years ago in the City of Detroit. We are located in the birthplace of industrial design. Not only does this city have a very historically relevant relationship to design, it is a blossoming hive of activity!

Does CCS offer conditional admission?

Yes, you may send in all of your required materials for admission and receive a “conditional admission” decision if you have not yet taken the TOEFL or IELTS test, or if your scores are lower than our requirements. Your status as “conditional” is lifted after you receive the required score on your exam or complete ENG112 at an ELS Language Center. CCS is located near an English Language Institute. If needed, you may enroll in this program for one year prior to attending CCS, which is a great way to stay connected to CCS while improving your English skills. Email for more information.