College Credit Earned in High School

CCS recognizes the achievements of students who have successfully completed tests such as the Advanced Placement, Cambridge A-levels, or International Baccalaureate and those who have earned College Credit while in High School (i.e. Dual Enrollment). Students may be awarded up to 30 credits (10 courses) through a combination of Credit by Examination (CBE) and Dual Enrollment (DE) coursework.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

The College for Creative Studies will award advanced placement credit for AP subject exams:

  • The student requests their Advanced Placement program exam results from the College Board.
  • The exam results are sent to the Office of Academic Advising at CCS.
  • The results are posted to the student’s academic evaluation and notification is sent to the student’s Academic Advisor.
  • A grade of 4.0 or higher is required in all subjects to receive credit. See the corresponding AP grid to find out exactly what CCS credit is awarded.
  • To request a copy of their AP score report, students should request their test score be sent to CCS electronically (our school code is 1035) or contact AP/College Board at 888.225.5427.
Advanced Placement (AP) Test NameMinimum Required ScoreCCS Course EquivalentCredit Hours Awarded
Art, History of4DAH 2003
Art, Studio – Drawing4DFN 101 with portfolio review3
Art, Studio – 2D Design4DFN 117 with portfolio review3
Art, Studio – 3D Design4DFN 118 with portfolio review3
Biology4DNS 3003
Calculus AB4DNS 3003
Calculus BC4DNS 3003
Chemistry4DNS 3003
Chinese Language & Culture4General Elective3
Computer Science A4General Elective3
Computer Science AB4General Elective3
Economics – Macroeconomics4Liberal Arts Elective3
Economics - Microeconomics4Liberal Arts Elective3
English Language & Composition4DEN 1013
English Literature & Composition4DEN 1013
Environmental Science4DNS 3003
French Language & Culture4General Elective3
French Literature4Liberal Arts Elective3
German Language & Culture4General Elective3
Government & Politics, U.S.4Liberal Arts Elective3
Government & Politics, Comparative4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, European4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, U.S.4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, World4Liberal Arts Elective3
Italian Language & Culture4General Elective3
Japanese Language & Culture4General Elective3
Latin4General Elective3
Music Theory4General Elective3
Human Geography4Liberal Arts Elective3
Physics 14DNS 3003
Physics 24DNS 3003
Physics C- Mechanics4DNS 3003
Physics C- Electricity & Magnetism4DNS 3003
Psychology4Liberal Arts Elective3
Research4DFS 1013
Seminar4DFS 1013
Spanish Language & Culture4General Elective3
Spanish Language & Culture4Liberal Arts Elective3
Statistics4DNS 3003

Dual Enrollment Credit & Early/Middle College Credit

College level courses completed while attending high school as part of, or an addition to, high school graduation requirements are considered ‘Dual Enrollment’. Students who have completed dual enrollment coursework will need to submit a copy of their transcript from the credit-granting institution for a review of potential transfer credit.

If you completed CCS’s PreCollege Summer Experience or Dual Enrollment courses at CCS we will review and place any eligible credit earned toward you degree program at CCS.

Students who have earned their High School diploma in a Middle College or Early College program (completing college level courses to fulfill 2-4 years of their high school graduation requirements), will apply as first time freshman. However, their college history will be evaluated for all potential transfer credit and is not subject to the 30 credit hour cap noted above for Credit by Examination and Dual Enrollment.

International Baccalaureate Credit

CCS recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, the Career Programme, as well as individually completed IB courses. Students seeking credit for any examination-based or dual enrollment coursework may be granted a maximum of 30 credit hours upon enrollment.
Official placement of any credit is subject to our transfer credit policy including receipt of an official exam transcript.
To request a transcript be sent to CCS, go to:


College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Examinations

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) gives students the opportunity to receive college credit for what they already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 33 examinations. CCS uses the credit-granting scores recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).

CCS may grant a maximum of 3 credits per CLEP exam with a minimum score of 50.

If you have not yet taken a CLEP exam, please consult with an admissions counselor or (if a current student) your academic advisor prior to testing to make sure any test[s] you are planning to take will meet our requirements.

World Language CLEP tests are not applicable for credit.

If you are an incoming student and have questions regarding CLEP tests and our general education requirements, please contact the Office of Admissions at 313.664.7425, current student should contact the Academic Advising and Registration Office 313.664.7672.

Cambridge International A-Levels and Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma

CCS welcomes students with Cambridge International A-Levels and AICE qualifications. Credit will be considered for A-level courses on a case-by-case basis for new students. Incoming students are encouraged to contact their admissions counselor for answers to questions.