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"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

- Warren Buffet

We agree with Warren Buffet. Price and value are not the same. That's why CCS is committed to providing you with an exceptional education - one that will help you land that dream job. Until then, let us help you navigate the financial aid process and how to pay for college.

First thing's first- how much will CCS Cost?

Well, let us clarify - there's sticker price vs the actual cost of attending. We'll help break it down. Let's start with the sticker price.

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98% Financial Aid

16.17 average financial aid package

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$44,110 per year is our sticker price. Yes, it can be a little overwhelming if you're not looking at the big picture. But we have great news. For the 2016/2017 year the average scholarship and grant amount (money is that not re-paid) was $20,000 for incoming students. Really! So let us help you break it down.

Sticker Price vs Actual Cost

How to cut the sticker price


CCS offers many scholarships based on merit. These can take up to $42,690 off of your out of pocket expenses.

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There are many grant options including the Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG Program, Michigan Tuition Grant & Michigan Competitive Scholarships, and CCS Tuition Grant.

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The Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan, Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan, Federal Parent PLUS Program and Alternative/Private loans are all options for CCS students.

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Actual Cost

Once you subtract all of these cuts - you get your actual cost. While the actual cost and  financial aid packages are different for each student based on merit and other criteria, the average scholarship and grant amount (money is that not re-paid) for incoming students last year was $20,000. Really!

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So What's Next?

 APPLY! This will get the process started and determine if you qualify for any merit scholarships. Undergraduate Application

File your FAFSA. This is the first step to determining if you qualify for any need-based aid. FAFSA Information

Apply for any outside scholarships in which you meet criteria.

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After You Graduate

Student loan debt is a big topic right now. Fortunately, not only are our students finding employment after they graduate, but a whopping 42% of students are graduating without any debt at all.   

Loan Default Rate 2018 Revised

Good News! Our graduates' loan default rate is 7.3%. This means that only 7.3% of students who graduate from CCS fail to repay their loans.

Why is this important? Because that means the other 92.7% are able to pay their loans back - likely because they are gainfully employed.

Need more info - take a look at what our alumni do after graduation. They are successful working artists and designers.

Logos including Yahoo, Target, Ford, Disney, Volkswagen, Reebok, Fox, Nike, Converse, Adobe, NBC, Disney, Polaris, Pixar, BMW, Kohler, Mitsubishi, Fisher Price

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