First things first. You've applied to CCS, but is your file complete?
In order to make an admission decision, your admissions counselor needs the following from you:

  • Request that your transcript be sent directly from your high school's Guidance Counseling Office to the Admissions Office at CCS (even if you have already attended college).
  • Request that college transcript(s) (if applicable) be sent directly from your college's Registration Office to the Admissions Office at CCS.
  • If you have not already done so, schedule and take the ACT or SAT (for a first time freshman only) or the TOEFL for International Students (if applicable).
  • Upload your portfolio to

You will be contacted by mail within a week to 10 days after a decision has been made.

More Information

Inquiries about your application status should be directed to the Admissions office at 800.952.2787 or 313.664.7425.

Or, you can contact your Admissions Counselor directly.

April Segedi
Admissions Counselor

Inga Kamis
Admissions Counselor

Darcy Deal
Assistant Director of Admissions

Sabrina Nelson
Admissions Counselor

Sasha Walker
Admissions Counselor

Amber Thomas
Associate Director of Admissions

Carla Gonzalez
Director of Admissions

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