Advanced Placement Credit

The College for Creative Studies will award advanced placement credit for AP subject exams:

  • The student requests their Advanced Placement program exam results from the College Board.
  • The exam results are sent to the Office of Academic Advising at CCS.
  • The results are posted to the student’s academic evaluation and notification is sent to the student’s Academic Advisor.
  • A grade of 4.0 or higher is required in all subjects to receive credit. See the corresponding AP grid to find out exactly what CCS credit is awarded.
  • To request a copy of their AP score report, students should request their test score be sent to CCS electronically (our school code is 1035) or contact AP/College Board at 888.225.5427.

Advanced Placement (AP) Test NameMinimum Required ScoreCCS Course EquivalentCredit Hours Awarded
Art, History of4DAH 2003
Art, Studio – Drawing4DFN 101 with portfolio review3
Art, Studio – 2D Design4DFN 117 with portfolio review3
Art, Studio – 3D Design4DFN 118 with portfolio review3
Biology4DNS 3003
Calculus AB4DNS 3003
Calculus BC4DNS 3003
Chemistry4DNS 3003
Chinese Language & Culture4General Elective3
Computer Science A4General Elective3
Computer Science AB4General Elective3
Economics – Macroeconomics4Liberal Arts Elective3
Economics - Microeconomics4Liberal Arts Elective3
English Language & Composition4DEN 1013
English Literature & Composition4DEN 1013
Environmental Science4DNS 3003
French Language & Culture4General Elective3
French Literature4Liberal Arts Elective3
German Language & Culture4General Elective3
Government & Politics, U.S.4Liberal Arts Elective3
Government & Politics, Comparative4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, European4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, U.S.4Liberal Arts Elective3
History, World4Liberal Arts Elective3
Italian Language & Culture4General Elective3
Japanese Language & Culture4General Elective3
Latin4General Elective3
Music Theory4General Elective3
Human Geography4Liberal Arts Elective3
Physics 14DNS 3003
Physics 24DNS 3003
Physics C- Mechanics4DNS 3003
Physics C- Electricity & Magnetism4DNS 3003
Psychology4Liberal Arts Elective3
Research4DFS 1013
Seminar4DFS 1013
Spanish Language & Culture4General Elective3
Spanish Language & Culture4Liberal Arts Elective3
Statistics4DNS 3003