Craft & Material Studies


Jeremy Noonan

College for Creative Studies

Associate Professor/Section Head of Fibers

As a designer, Jeremy Noonan explores ways of using fibers to bridge extremes—between handmade and mass- produced, vintage and contemporary and virtual and tactile.

Now an instructor at his alma mater, CCS, he teaches students how to work with centuries old traditions to get the best color, pattern and texture as surfaces for everyday use. He has worked as a home textiles designer at Target, a woven upholstery designer at Absecon Mills and an automotive textile designer at Milliken & Company.

“Catering to the changing lifestyle trends is my focus,” said Noonan, who studied photography before switching his major to crafts. “Designers have to be receptive to the world around them. Political, social and economic shifts affect everything. For example, the cost of oil affects the price of synthetic yarn and shipping costs, which could ultimately affect how a product is designed.

“Yes, it feels great to see products you have worked on in the marketplace. However, by the time they hit the streets, you've already moved far beyond that point.”

Noonan believes his CCS contacts and experiences helped gain him an edge in getting hired for competitive design positions. Instructors, for instance, aided him with internship placements in the textile and upholstery fields that gave him the experience he needed to compete for jobs after graduation.

"They (Target) were interested in my design abilities and manufacturing experience," said Noonan. “Each of my instructors took a different approach to the art process and design development. Although the facilities and studios initially attracted me to (CCS), it was the interaction with faculty that benefited me the most.”