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Gregory Shamus

Gregory Shamus Photography


Gregory Shamus sometimes has less than a second to document the most pivotal moments in sports history; what he creates in that amount of time is extraordinary. In fact, his work is so amazing that Cannon recently used his images to advertise the potential of their products.

“Many of the best sports photographers out there are people who’ve played before,” said Shamus. “After I graduated from high school, I signed a letter of intent to play college basketball. Then I decided to pursue photography at CCS instead. A lot of the time when I’m shooting, I try to predict what’s going to happen next. Then I try to set myself up at just the right angle to capture it.”

Shamus is the team photographer for the New Orleans Hornets and spends his weekends traveling the country shooting professional and college sports. He’s worked with the Cleveland Rockers, Detroit Fury, Detroit Shock, Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, University of Michigan, Michigan State and various other teams. In late September of 2006, he traveled to France with the San Antonio Spurs to cover their two-week training camp.    

“I feel privileged to be making a living doing this type of work,” said Shamus. “It’s an ever-changing industry and I’m fortunate to have clients like the NBA, Getty Images and Donruss commissioning me to shoot for them.” 

Most of the time, Shamus is asked to photograph certain games or cover certain teams. His images go onto Getty and can be downloaded into publications across the country. His work has been featured on Donruss trading cards and appeared in USA TodayESPN MagazineSports IllustratedDetroit Free Press and Slam Magazine.

Sports Illustrated has used many of my images lately,” said Shamus. “Yet I still remember that feeling of pride and excitement the first time my photos were published by the magazine.”

Whether Shamus is trying to determine the best lighting to use while photographing David West’s portrait or achieve the depth of field necessary to convey the goalie’s expression at the other side of the ice as a tiny puck hits the net, he relies on the knowledge he gained while studying photography at CCS. 

“My instructors provided me with a strong foundation in photography.”

“Often, when other photographers ask me how or why I did something, it’s usually because I used some trick I learned at CCS.”