Entertainment Arts


Tiffany Frikken

Theadora Design

Independent Contractor

Two years after graduating from the Animation and Digital Media program (now Entertainment Arts), Tiffany (McFaddin) Frikken realized her career ambition: to run her own art and design company. Shortly after, she founded Theadora Design and started doing digital design for print and Web as well as fine art.

“I mostly design graphics and prepare images for Web sites,” Frikken explained. “The type of digital work I have done includes logos, Web banners, graphics, branding, advertisements for magazines, newspapers, fliers and signs...

“I have done a few commissioned paintings and drawings but I am still trying to build my portfolio and find my style. My lifelong goal is to one day own my own gallery/studio where I can create and sell my work.”
Since opening Theadora Design, Frikken has worked with Perani's Hockey World, Mipro Consulting, Whitemore Prokes Micalleff and Associates, Midwest Power Systems Inc. and Always EZ Solutions among others. She has also volunteered her services to the Swing for Kids Foundation creating a new logo for them in 2008. 

You can learn all of the techniques of digital design that you want,  but it is truly the ‘eye’ that makes a great artist. 

Many of Frikken’s fine art pieces reveal the imagination she puts into her work. Her themes range from the fantastic (“Mona Lisa on Mars”) to the mundane (“Skate”). She primarily works with acrylics and occasionally uses oils, colored pencils and markers.  

Frikken believes that having an eye for design is at the heart of every great artist. She credits her instructors at CCS for helping her to develop this ability.

“While I was editing my senior project, my instructor told me that I had a very good sense of timing. That comment alone has given me confidence with future projects. I have learned to trust the ‘eye’ that CCS helped me to develop."

"You can learn all of the techniques of digital design that you want, (gradients, text spacing, use of colors) but it is truly the ‘eye’ that makes a great artist. For this I can thank CCS.”

The artist community fostered by CCS also contributed to Frikken’s confidence in her work. 

“The cockiness of my peers in college rubbed off and helped me to be confident (cocky) about my talents,” said Frikken. “That confidence has gotten me where I am today. You have to trust yourself as an artist to create great work, and for me that can be extremely hard at times.”