Entertainment Arts


Erin Brown

Click Media

Production designer

Erin N. Brown left Detroit a year after graduation to find a job in California’s highly competitive entertainment industry. Only a few weeks after arriving in Los Angeles, she was hired as an After Effects artist at Gork Enterprises in San Fernando. It’s all been fun and games since then—literally.

“So far, my favorite project has been the ‘Chicken Little’ DVD,” said Brown. “I animated the motion and effects on the menus, worked on the game, and re-created the cool hexagonal disc transition which was really fun to do.

“I especially enjoyed creating the music video for the song One Little Slip (a special feature on the DVD). We were allowed creative freedom to design and animate whatever we wanted to do and it was edited together to create a fun video.”

Brown also worked on the ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ Blu-ray Disc and games.

A year later, Brown was hired as a production designer at Click Media in Culver City. She has worked on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters DVD game and the ‘Shrek the Third’ Royal Tournament, which consisted of 25 online games sponsored by AOL.

“My contributions to these games were mostly design based,” explained Brown. “I created the look of the onscreen elements as well as the printable and downloadable elements such as bookmarks and wallpapers.”

Currently, Brown is working on Web games and the DVD for ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ starring Nicolas Cage. The movie’s theatre release is planned for late December.

Brown’s break into the entertainment industry actually occurred during her senior year at CCS. She attended a Flame workshop taught by Chris Wirth, a creative director at Universal Images in Southfield.

“Chris recognized the hard work I put in during the workshop and hired me as a junior visual effects artist right out of school,” Brown said. “Working at Universal Images gave me the opportunity to work on several large projects, such as The North American International Auto Show and commercials for Chrysler/Dodge and Ford.

“I also took advantage of opportunities to establish contacts when I could and package my demo/reel and resume well. It all paid off when I arrived in California.”