Entertainment Arts


Dorian Compo

Pandemic Studios

Video Game Designer

In the age of special effects and innovative technology, film still has the ability to intrigue and thrill audiences of all ages. The driving force behind the edgy visuals and flashy animation isn't an expensive computer decked out with the latest software — it's the ability of an artist to express a message in a clear and captivating way. Dorian Compo is one of those artists.

 In less than three years working in Hollywood, his portfolio now includes Cinemax's fall launch campaign, the interactive marketing campaigns for Malibu Rum, the launch of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the Toyota Prius and a AAA title video game titled "Lord of the Rings: Conquest."

"Today's artists must harness all the forms of media we have available," said Compo, who majored in animation and digital media at CCS. "Throughout college, my professors advised me to focus my creativity. That was always an issue for me and still is to this day. So that is why I use my creativity in all areas of media and design. If you have an interest in something, then you need to express yourself and give it a shot. That is the only way you will be able to evolve your skills as a designer and explore new mediums."

Compo currently works at Pandemic Studios as a video game designer. He is in the last phases of polish for the next Electronic Arts title called "Lord of the Rings: Conquest." It is an open world sand box game where the player can play as the good or evil campaigns. The player can play as trolls, ents, hobbits and just about any other character you can think of that were shown in the films.   "It's been an exciting project to work on. The knowledge gained on a project of this capacity is priceless," said Compo.  

"I learned very quickly that it is easier to get where you are going when you have a team behind you."

“Working in varied design industries has broadened my knowledge as a designer and has allowed me to view projects from many different angles allowing me to bring different ways of thinking to the approach and execution of a project. My life long dream has always been to be creative.

“Up to this point there hasn't been anything that I haven't accomplished on my life list. The list keeps growing and I keep focused on the task at hand. Currently, that is shipping an AAA title video game as well as finishing up my first graphic novel due out later this year. As long as we keep focused we can accomplish any goal. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence but no goal is out of reach.