Interior Design


Sarah Strader

Freelance Interior Designer

Degree? Check. Work experience? Check. Create a line of products? Check. In four years, interior designer Sarah Strader has achieved what many designers aspire for throughout their entire careers.

“I have a burning need to impact and improve the way we design spaces,” said Strader. “Anticipating how a group of people will function and move though a space is our goal as designers and civil servants to humanity. We are to be compassionate about great design and not discriminate against the end user. As design humanitarians we are called to create graceful spaces that radiate functionality. 

“The collaboration of architects, engineers, industrial designers and interior designers should be unified to enhance the universal totality of our ever-changing makeup. The result will be undeniably a principal built environment. Interior designers are the common thread that communicates the design integrity to the entire team. I want to be a stronger thread.”

While making the final preparations to move from California to New York to begin a graduate fellowship at the New York School of Interior Design, Strader was offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was approached to be backed as a furniture designer, launch my own line, and go out on my own as an independent interior designer!” Strader exclaimed. “The furniture line will be released in May 2008. Then I plan to pursue a textiles line, global branding and just pure design. This is every designer’s dream come true—to watch their ideas come full circle.”

Strader’s passion for great design is rooted in the instruction she received at CCS and the opportunity to surround herself with a group of talented peers.

“CCS prepared me for what the real world would expect of me and provided me with the flexibility to wear different hats in my career.”

“Through collaboration, I absorbed so much from my peers, professors and colleagues. I learned the proper way to put my portfolio together with the help of a fantastic graphic designer and how to sketch faster from  my industrial design/furniture instructors and by hanging out with the transportation designers. Most important, I learned how to advance the spaces in which we spend our lives by expanding past mathematically formatted design and making the evolution into sustainable design.”

As a student, Strader participated in student government and the American Society of Interior Designers. She was awarded “Selections V:  Senior of the Year,” an honor given to only one representative in each major field of study at the College. 

“My education at CCS combined with experiences after graduation have allowed me to make a difference through design,” said Strader. “I have become my own marketing tool, which has played a crucial role in the job search and garnering the support to launch my own line of products. As the future unfolds, I am anxious to see my designs impact the way people interpret space and hope to invoke feeling wherever my design footprints are left behind.”