College for Creative Studies: Transportation Design


Bryan Young

International Truck and Engine Corporation

Industrial Designer

As lead Industrial Designer at International Truck and Engine Corporation, Bryan Young knows what it takes to help his customers keep on truckin'.

Young designs the interiors and exteriors of products ranging from Class 8 heavy-duty trucks used in the trucking business to medium-duty trucks used by moving companies and the government, as well as school buses.

"Although aesthetics are important, function drives our design," said Young, who notes that many drivers literally live in his designed world. "Drivers spend approximately 95 percent of their days inside their vehicles. At that point, the truck has become the driver's life. Function is critical."

Ergonomics and human factor play a critical role in Young's designs. For example, exhaust stacks should not be placed in an area too close to human operation; the CB radio must be consistent with the average arm span of drivers; and the seats must adequately support the back. Young's job includes creating initial sketches, seeking approval, overseeing other designers, managing time and cost issues and compiling engineering data to validate his team's design concepts.

Young, who majored in industrial design at CCS, attributes much of his ability to think big to CCS.

"The instructors at CCS made me feel like a developing professional."

"They provided the necessary balance of encouragement and criticism. I was shy, so I needed the extra push," said Young. "You realize the instructors are tough on you for your own good. CCS trained me to work as a hammer, but once I got into the real world I saw that most projects just needed a little tap. I feel prepared to handle anything that comes my way."