Interior Design


Christopher Juneau



For the past ten years, Chris Juneau has been in the construction business, specializing in historical restorations, additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and commercial retail spaces.

The Detroit News has featured his work twice, once describing a kitchen remodel and another time highlighting the historical restoration he did on his own home in Royal Oak that dates back to 1918.

“I enjoy full remodeling home projects most,” said Juneau. “Whether it is adding on an addition or redesigning existing spaces, I enjoy projects that allow me to use both my education and hands-on skills. Each job presents its own set of challenges and rewards. The challenge with any project is giving the customer what they want while still maintaining the integrity of the original design, but the reward is being able to express my creativity while meeting new people daily.”

Juneau’s construction company, JUNoBUILT, prides itself on quality and close attention to detail, from start to finish. Every project begins as a hand-drawn original design and high-end materials are used during the construction, which is personally overseen by a project manager. Although he offers a number of services, most of Juneau’s current projects involve kitchen remodeling.

“People are either remodeling to put their house on the market, or because their house hasn’t sold they decided to remodel and stay,” explained Juneau. “The recent downturn in the economy has presented a whole new set of challenges. The market is flooded with contractors and handy people that are looking for work. Many of the large home manufactures have even turned to remodeling, allowing the customer to benefit from lower price points.

“Networking and word of mouth have contributed the most to the success of JUNoBUILT. It is a close-knit community of previous clients, architects, designers, plumbers, and other skill trades that refer each other.”

The foundation Juneau gained from his experiences at CCS taught him how to be more than a great builder; it taught him how approach projects from the perspective of an artist working against real world constraints. Three days a week, he interned with a construction company while taking classes in the evening. He took studio courses on the other two days.

“CCS prepared me artistically by teaching me the skills to work through a project from concept to completion,”

“My instructors also taught me a bit about the business world through timelines and deadlines. Managing my time and living up to instructor expectations was challenging, but the experience made all the difference in the way I run my company.” said Juneau.