College for Creative Studies: Transportation Design


Misty Marcum Rolfs



Working in the fast lane has a very literal meaning for Misty Marcum Rolfs. She is currently working on the latest vehicles for the Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep and Fiat brands.

In this position, Marcum contributes to 3D clusters, gauges and 2D interaction design on the new TFT screens that display driver information. She recently oversaw the instrument cluster design on the 2014 Cherokee, which made the list of Ward’s 10 Best Interiors. 

“My job is always exciting and challenging, seeing a design come through from start to finish is a reward after going though the everyday challenges,” she said.

“I draw from my background and the skills I learned at CCS to overcome any challenges and am always learning new skills from my fellow designers.”

Prior to landing a job at Chrysler, Marcum worked as a graphic designer at Dover International Speedway (Delaware) where she oversaw creative projects for the company’s premier motorsports facilities.

“Using my knowledge, I transformed my dreams into a professional reality,” Marcum said. “From my past experiences designing for NASCAR to my current role at Chrysler, I have been able to merge my knowledge of the three-dimensional and two-dimensional worlds together. I use that correlation everyday to become a better well-rounded designer.”