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Katie Nestor

Freelance Designer

Katie Nestor thrives on movement—both in her career as a freelance designer and as a self-proclaimed adventure junkie.

“I love the diversity and change that comes along with the freelance lifestyle,” said Nestor. “It's great to network, meet new people and experience how different studios operate. I also love the freedom that comes along with being self employed! I have control of my own schedule and am able to focus on other personal goals that I'd like to accomplish. It feels great when you're able to have some downtime to re-charge and get inspired.”

As a freelance designer, Nestor contributes to the art direction, design and animation of content across several forms of media, including broadcast, web, mobile and print. Over the past six years, the designer has established a professional network in the Bay Area (California), which allows her to work on a diverse range of projects. She has collaborated with advertising agencies, production studios and news networks. Some of her clients include: Symantec, Oracle, Pepsico, Sam's Club, Costco, Orbit Gum, Microsoft, Junos, ABC 7 News and Cost Plus World Market. 

“I tend to live more in the moment since I have become self employed,” Nestor said. “My schedule is always changing and I am never sure what life will throw at me! I'm open to a lot of possibilities with my career, I think it's just a matter of when I find the perfect fit.”

Prior to her career as a freelancer, Nestor worked as a motion graphics designer at both Current TV, a San Francisco-based global television network chaired by Al Gore, and Fox 2 News in Detroit.

Nestor credits internships and her experiences in the CCS communication design program for helping prepare her for the diverse projects she has encountered while working as a designer. As a student, Nestor completed two internships at Campbell Ewald (Warren), the sixth largest agency in the country. The opportunity provided her with valuable experience and motivated her to seek career possibilities outside of working at an agency. She continued taking communication design courses seeking new paths for her talent.

“CCS taught me the theories and principles of design and how to multitask.”

“I developed a good relationship with my art director teacher and still keep in contact with her today!

“I also formed a really close group of friends while at CCS. We came from different majors so it was really nice to be able to share ideas and help each other grow through the process of being in school.”

In her spare time, Nestor enjoys photography and extreme adventure sports.

“Since moving to California I've been crazed with photography!” she exclaimed. “Each little adventure I take turns into a photo opportunity…I use every free weekend I get to go hiking, snowboarding, long boarding, rafting, kayaking and biking. You name it; I'm up for it.”

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