Systems Design Thinking Program


Mei-Wen Sun


Graphical User Interface Designer

Before Mei-Wen (Frances) Sun arrived in Detroit in 2010, she designed websites, interfaces and products for companies in Taiwan, Germany and the United Kingdom. But it was her experiences in CCS’ MFA program that changed her perception of interactive design.

“During my first semester at CCS, I worked on a project sponsored by Whirlpool,” said Sun. “My goal was to create an ‘unassisted shopping experience’ for their Duet system. It was very intense and the school definitely changed my ideas about interaction design. It also helped me see the ‘big picture’ in terms of my career.

“As a designer in Taiwan, I always thought my life would be centered on the screen. When I came here, I started to notice there are no boundaries in design. We can use the same processes we utilize while designing to solve design problems. That's why it’s called interdisciplinary design.”

Sun works as a user interface designer at Lenovo. Her long-term goal is to become the team leader for a user experience.  

“I just finished my thesis in May,” Sun said. “It is about how can we use technology to make Taiwanese family life easier and help the family connect with each other. Since then, I’ve also been doing some freelance work, most are mobile applications.

“As a UI (user interface) designer, you need to know what's going on right now or you will be lost. The only reason I left Taiwan was to see what is going on across the world in technology right now, and I believe my CCS experience opened my eyes and launched me to next level.”

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