Craft & Material Studies


Daniele Fratarcangeli


If there’s one thing that Daniele Fratarcangeli will tell you about his career as a designer/glass sculptor, it’s that it’s always evolving. Since graduating from the crafts department in 2007, he has worked for 10 different companies/contemporary artists internationally, from factories in Murano assisting on the production of Dolce & Gabbana chandeliers to studios in Norway, Portland, Seattle and California.

I enjoy creating a unique collection of works that are archival of moments in the studio,” said Fratarcangeli. “Over these past few years, I’ve learned a wide range of techniques and processes—melded and transformed them into a unique practice that reflects my style. Every day in the studio, I attempt to create something new, and each piece is a signed and dated documentation of that evolving process.”

Together with fellow artist Mari AuBuchon, Fratarcangeli has been working on his latest series of unique handmade, silvered lighting and vases. Some forms “aspire upwards,” while others “seem to melt into liquefied blobs.”

“Our goal is to design and fabricate these works to reflect and multiply the beauty of reality,” Fratarcangeli said. “The objects are three-dimensional manifestations of moments shaped in time—reflective objects that vibrantly warp their surroundings. We approach each work as a sculptor, creating design objects for the home to enhance and reflect sophisticated elegant environments. These objects are meant to bridge the gap between art and life in architectural settings.

“When silvered and placed into people’s lives, these objects become active portraits of the viewers. The reflective quality allows the viewers to enter the work and see their worlds through the perspective of the object that we created. These works are activated by the viewers’ lives and function as a reminder of relative perspective.”

Fratarcangeli’s exclusive collections can be purchased at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Twentieth Modern in West Hollywood and the Oceanside Museum of Art museum store. Recently, one of his pieces was chosen for Craft in America’s permanent collection. The artist showed a new series of sculptural works in a larger scale at CES Contemporary in Laguna Beach (September 7 through October 16, 2013) in a group show called Surface. He showed at Dwell on Design earlier this year. Fratarcangeli’s work has been featured in publications around the world, including IO Donna Magazine in Italy and Cosmopolitan Magazine in Germany.

In addition to his studio work, Fratarcangeli has taught glassblowing classes to students in California. In 2012, he won the Next Generation Arts Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation and the Raising Arts Leader Grant from the San Diego Foundation for Teaching Glass Blowing to the Public at the Fallbrook School of the Arts in San Diego. 

Although Fratarcangeli now lives/works on the West Coast, he fondly recalls the city and the art school that helped him launch a career that has become his passion.

“I loved riding my bike through the streets of Detroit, and the glass blowing studio was the perfect place to work through a cold winter to make real progress on a skill that takes a lifetime to master,” he said. “Detroit is a great place to learn as many skills as you can.

"CCS will teach you what you need to know, but there is just no getting around the constant hard work.”

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