College for Creative Studies: Transportation Design


Byung Cho

Microsoft Corporation

Industrial designer/Technical designer

A graduate of the internationally acclaimed transportation program, Byung Cho discovered that his degree led to opportunities beyond the open road. He recently served as one of the industrial designers of the Microsoft Band, Microsoft’s first wearable product.

“I am fortunate to be one of very few industrial designers for a very large company that offers such innovative products and services,” said Cho. “While one of my passions is cars, the other is fashion—so working on this project was the perfect fit for me.

“When I was a student, I found that a lot of my classes were ‘hands on’ with the appropriate amount of digital skillsets balanced with theory.  With such an emphasis on digital technology consuming the world, I think it is very important to still learn the manual aspect of design. Some of these skills, such as sketching, form development, and design thinking are practical practices I use on a daily basis. The intense training that transportation design students experience at CCS has definitely had a significant impact in my work habits, ethics and respect for any developmental process.”

Prior to his position at Microsoft, Cho worked as an industrial designer for several other companies including Teague, Surface Design Studio, Shape Products and Alpha Design. He completed his MFA in 2012.

“Even though I am an industrial designer, I believe at a certain point I would like to share my experiences and my knowledge with younger/future designers,” he said.

“It is important for all designers to realize this fact. Designers are the very people who inspire social movements and cultural influences. This needs to be looked at as a privilege and respectfully kept alive."

“I’d also like to emphasize that design is a service. It’s a responsibility to make the dreams of others realized. During school is one of the only times you can be experimental and try new crazy things. I would suggest using those opportunities to realize your designer personality and design who YOU are first.”