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Frank Synowicz

Pixomondo LA

Concept designer/VFX artist

A day at work is never dull for Frank Synowicz. As a concept designer/CG artist working on some of the biggest films in Hollywood, it’s his job to make the unbelievable come alive.

 “The work is always new and challenging,” said Synowicz, who majored in computer animation/digital media. “I chose this career path because of my fascination with the movie making process, science, art, and technology. This field covers all of those subjects.”

Over the years, Synowicz contributed to the look and feel of several films, including After Earth, GI Joe 2 Retaliation, Die Hard 5, The Amazing Spiderman, Hugo and Transformers among others. He recently completed two large projects for the Wanda Corporation in China.

 “They’re working on rides for theme parks that utilize computer graphics,” he explained. “One is called ‘Star Journey', and the other is called ‘Hubei in the Air.’ I have also been working on programming and research for some projects as a VR (virtual reality) artist and developer. This requires designing interactive stereoscopic CG in the VR environment.” 

In addition to his film and commercial work, Synowicz has exhibited as a fine artist sharing his paintings and drawings with audiences through a number of successful solo and group shows. In 2008, he was invited as a guest lecturer to speak about his work and process at Molekula College for Art and Design in Rijeka, Croatia.

“From my experience, it is very important to develop good learning habits. Get to know the entire production process, be flexible, diversify your skills/tool sets, and never stop experimenting and being curious.”

To learn more about the work of Frank Synowicz, visit franksynowicz.com