Interior Design


Robert White



As an instructor and industry expert, Robert White is always finding new ways to light up student’s lives - literally.

White, founder of Quark Lighting Design and VP of Illuminart (Lighting Design Firms), not only introduces CCS students to the latest techniques and trends in the lighting industry, but also happens to be responsible for updating the campus lighting.

“Redoing the lighting at CCS has been the most rewarding project for me both personally and professionally,” said White, who double majored in industrial design and interior design at CCS. 

Having completed major projects, including the General Motors Global Headquarters in Detroit, Nike Town stores across the country, NASDAQ in Manhattan, Samsung in Seoul Korea, and the McNamara Airport and Passenger Tunnel, White attributes his client-centered approach to design to his time at CCS.

“I had heard good things about the college from my art teacher in high school,” he said. “I knew the rigorous curriculum would be a true test of my abilities. What it revealed was a work ethic and set of design skills I did not, at first realize I had! It fostered creative development and an ‘I can do this!’ attitude.”