Interior Design


Meaghan Schoenfeld

Kraemer Design Group (KDG)

Interior Designer

As an interior designer for Kraemer Design Group (KDG), Meaghan Schoenfeld helps transform clients’ dreams for a space into reality. This involves shaping the ambiance of an interior that not only looks well designed or visually pleasing but also positively affects the overall health of users utilizing the space.

“I enjoy being able to use my creative side to create functional, healthy and beautiful spaces,” said Schoenfeld. “Each project I’ve worked on is extremely satisfying, especially when I get to see the end user enjoying and exploring the interior.

“I’ve always been a creative person and wanted to work in a field that would challenge me to use my creative talents to better the environment in which people lived. I guess to me, being an interior designer is helping to shape our future and better the lives of the people working in and living in interior spaces.”

Since graduating from CCS, Schoenfeld has earned NCIDQ certification, which is achieved by a combination of professional experience and passing a rigorous exam, and enjoyed the opportunity to work in several sectors of the interior design industry. She was involved with renovations for the KDG office that centered around “outovation,” the principle of thinking outside of the box and allowing ideas to flow outward conceptually and turn into reality. At the central axis of the office’s interior are the library, flexible work islands, vision boards and the main stage presentation area—making it the central focus for KDG.

“We’re currently working on a luxury 300 unit multi-family/mixed use apartment building at the corner of Cass and Canfield that will be constructed in midtown in Detroit,” Schoenfeld said. “It will be a new building and a beacon for the area — a great addition to the city of Detroit.”

Schoenfeld credits CCS for “pulling out” her creativity and challenging her to “push” her designs farther. She appreciates the opportunity to have attended a school that gave her both a well-rounded design/artist education and experience with the more technical aspects of design.

“CCS instilled the value of always questioning the design, and I don’t mean this in a bad way,” she said. “It helps to push those who choose to move toward a career in interior design to achieve a higher design quality.

“I think one of the most challenging times for a designer is making the transition from student to working professional. Taking creative ideas and finding ways to implement them into functional spaces presents a new challenge for designers fresh out of school. CCS helped educate me on my chosen field, but learning about it and actually creating functional designs that please a client are two different things. A great mentor once you are out in the field will help you make this transition and will help you into having a very successful career."

“My experiences have taught me to never give up on my dreams — to live life being a happy artist. Our artistic talents are our voices; we show the world who we are without speaking. Use your artistry to change the world.”

Outside of her career at KDG, Schoenfeld is starting a small business, Rose Hygge, in which she uses recycled materials to create various handbags and accessory items, such as hooded scarfs, scarfs with lace and water bottle sleeves.

“Hygge is, by definition, building a sanctuary of coziness, stirring the sense and enjoying the simple things in life,” said Schoenfeld. “Rose Hygge has become my personal sanctuary, and the hope is that the simplicity of the designs with small detail elements will be enjoyed by everyone."

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