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Mary Prybys


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Having the opportunity to work on so many types of projects is what Mary Prybys appreciates most about her career. She is an interior designer at Czarnowski, a global event and exhibit marketing company. In her position, she designs exhibits for General Motors that are used at auto shows around the world and is lead designer on “all things” related to corporate design for Czarnowski.

“What I love about my job is that I get to work on so many different types of projects,” said Prybys. “As the corporate designer for Czarnowski, I have worked on two new office concepts—one for our newest office in downtown Portland, Maine. This project is nearing its final stages in construction and is a full renovation of a floor inside an historic building. This is the first project I got to take the lead on, and I am beyond excited to see my design become a reality!

“Another exciting project I worked on was the newly designed exhibit for GMC which made its debut this past January (‘17) at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit… Auto shows are unique as they let brands target consumers in a holistic environment that showcase brand DNA through products (vehicles), story-telling (media and graphics) and edu-tainment (engagements and activations). The vehicles are surrounded by branded architecture, which have multiple layers of visual detail through their design aesthetics as well as tactile details through the use of innovative fabrication techniques and finish materials.”

Prybys selected most of the finish materials and furniture used in the GMC booth. She also designed a custom-charging bench. The whole process took about six months, from concept sketches to engineering to construction and assimilating the cars. Her team is currently working on a toned-down version of the booth that can be used at smaller shows around the US. As part of this project, Prybys designed several concepts for its properties, such as color displays and ID pylons.

“What’s awesome about working at an exhibit house is that it’s a very fast-paced industry,” she said. “I sketched ideas for the bench and within a month, it was already being built in our shops—getting ready to be used by the public on the show floor.”

Prybys originally pursued interior design because she was drawn to several creative fields. She describes interior design as the “perfect balance” of all her hobbies and interests.

“Think of interior design as environment design,” Prybys explained. “There will be furniture, graphics, products, materials… When you start exploring beyond the core interior classes, you learn things from different perspectives. As an interior designer, you really need to know a little bit about everything.”

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GMC Photo Credit : Kathryn Rapier