College for Creative Studies: Transportation Design


Craig Metros

Ford Motor Company

Chief Designer, Truck Studio

Since he was ten years old, Craig Metros (’86) has dreamed of creating fast, sleek, attention-grabbing vehicles that leave you uttering, “Wow!” Today, he’s doing just that.     

In 2006, Craig Metros (’86) moved to Melbourne, Australia, to work on the acclaimed Ford Ranger, a pickup truck that has been described by car critics as “masculine,” “sporty” and “fierce.” Metros oversaw the design of the Ranger’s interior and exterior appearance at each stage in the vehicle’s development, from concept through the final product on the road.

“What makes the 2012 all new Ranger so appealing to our customers around the world is the level of comfort and execution found on the interior and the balance of a modern, dynamic, yet robust and purposeful exterior shape that remains consistent with the ‘built Ford tough’ experience and legacy of Ford trucks,” said Metros. “The Ranger is one in a series of interesting products that offer more variety to the emerging global marketplace."

Metros has been with Ford since graduating in 1986 from the transportation design program at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Before joining the Ranger design team in Australia, he served as design chief for the 2004 all new Ford F-150 in North America. The designer has also worked in Ford Design Studios around the world including joint-venture projects with Jaguar in the UK, Mazda in Japan, and Volkswagen in Germany.

"Designing vehicles for large markets around the world while you are living in those regions, getting familiar with the culture, and learning the language has been an incredible experience," he said.   

Recently, Metros has been recognized for the work he’s doing outside of his Ford studio. His passion is art. He creates mixed media artwork that incorporates materials found in “unusual places”— abandoned buildings, roadsides, junk yards and swap meets that reflect an “industrial, rough, and mechanical esthetic." He creates his automotive/motorcycle/aerospace inspired pieces from inside his workshop that he shares with six other car aficionados deep in the suburbs of Melbourne.

“I’ve made art my whole life,” said Metros. “My art has evolved. After graduating from CCS, I started painting race cars and sports cars using water colors and then acrylics on canvas. In the past seven years, I have focused on mixed media pieces. In the auto industry, we work to very precise tolerances and adhere to structured processes. My art is very fluid with not too many constraints. It's a nice contrast to my day job."