Craft & Material Studies


Golnaz Armin

Nike, Inc

Material Design Lead

Whether she’s working on the interior of a car or the latest basketball shoe at Nike, Golnaz Armin never loses sight of the concept and idea behind a project. She’s currently a footwear material designer at Nike.

“Regardless of what I’m working on, the process is the same: find an idea, develop the thought, solve problems that pop up and finally— make it. Each stage can be challenging in its own way, but the overall process is what’s fascinating to me.”

Armin is responsible for setting direction and developing innovative performance-based materials, including synthetic, natural leather and textiles, for basketball and football (soccer) performance footwear at Nike. Her latest work is part of the popular World Cup 2010 Soccer Footwear Elite series.

Before her career at Nike, Armin worked as a color and materials designer at Ford. Some of her achievements include interior work she did on the 2011 Ford Fiesta and its show car version, the Ford Verve.  She also collaborated with Interface Company to develop 100 percent recycled seat fabrics for Ford’s hybrid vehicles.

“My advice to new designers is to really find out what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like,” she said. “Take as many classes as you can. Experiment and take risks. And hopefully your dream goes beyond working for a specific company.”