College for Creative Studies: Transportation Design


Andrew Kem

General Motors Design Center

Digital Sculptor

“Enthralled” by cars from a young age, Andy Kem had no doubts about pursuing industrial design in college. Since 2002, Kem has enjoyed a successful career as a digital sculptor at General Motors Design (2002-present) and is also the principal of kem3D, a small Detroit-based furniture, lighting and sculpture studio.

“While studying automotive design, I was enlightened to the depth and possibilities of the broader industrial design field as well as the other majors the school offers,” said Kem. “Regardless of which career path you are considering, don't limit yourself. Draw inspiration from all of the creative disciplines.”

“It’s fun but at the same time, it’s wired to have the community manager turned to ‘on mode’ at all times. If there’s a big trend happening where the chance for real-time marketing could mean thousands of impressions, I have to be ready to jump on it at any time. Then, there are the pre-planned and analytics sides of being a community manager. I sometimes think days, weeks and even months ahead of activations or events, and report on the success or failure of our presence across our social channels. “

Camargo’s main client is Olay. Within Olay are different product lines (or boutiques) that cater to specific skincare needs of diverse groups. She primarily works with Fresh Effects, which targets younger consumers. Her main focus is writing copy for all of the posts. So every tweet, Instagram caption or Facebook post is written by Camargo, then goes to the client.

“Social media is a huge part of how these girls consume information, learn new things, and communicate with others,” says Camargo. “Keeping that in mind when coming up with content is huge. What words are they using? What do they like to see from the accounts they follow across social? We take what’s popular and translate it into the skincare conversation.”

In addition to copywriting, Camargo is involved in the creation of images, ranging from product imagery to real-time behind-the-scenes images. Last August, she attended the Teen Choice Awards, where Olay Fresh Effects was one of the main sponsors. She captured exclusive red carpet and VIP backstage images that ended up becoming “hugely successful” on their channels.

“I have a background in photography, but this type of image capture tends to be more ‘real’ and “unpolished,’” she says. “If it looks like your girlfriend snapped a quick pic of the hottest celebrity on the red carpet and it happens to have our logo in the back, it’s going to perform tremendously. “

When she’s not at work, Camargo can be found writing for her fashion blog StyleMile or running her own photography business. She started StyleMile in 2012 as a way of documenting her “ever-changing and ever-growing” wardrobe. While taking a humorous approach to fashion and style, she often covers Detroit fashion events and her travel escapades.

“StyleMile has given me the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise from the fashion scene in Detroit,” she says. “It’s a great creative outlet for me and my readers. I also write in Portuguese because I have readership in Brazil. It is a plus for me professionally as well, since I do work in the skincare/beauty industry. I can keep up with fashion, style and beauty and benefit from it not just personally, but I can bring new ideas and trends to the Olay table as well.”

Through her photography business, Camargo works with families, babies, couples, weddings— “you name it.” She lands clients mainly via word of mouth and referrals as well as her Facebook page for Bruna Camargo Photography.

“The most rewarding part of this side project is seeing my photos end up on my clients’ walls, holiday cards, and even amid their wedding decorations,” she says. “I once had an engagement shot end up on the big screen at Comerica Park from friends who were getting married at the Tiger Club. That was pretty surreal.”

While Camargo has found success working as a writer in the advertising/social media industry, it hasn’t been easy by any means. She credits the experiences she faced as a student at CCS for helping her confront challenges that arise.

“One of the main lessons I learned at CCS is to keep an open mind and an open door.”

“At first I was terrified to make the jump from traditional advertising to digital and social media advertising. While I encountered a number of nay-sayers along the way, at the end of the day, I kept true to myself and to my gut feeling to explore new avenues. That’s essentially how I even got to attend CCS to begin with – by going against the grain and trusting my own abilities to adapt and grow no matter what environment I’m in." Camargo explains.

“I thrived at CCS and now I’m thriving in this constantly changing industry. And by that, I don’t necessarily mean financially or any other materialistic way. I mean I have found something I’m passionate about, and even though every new turn is uncharted territory, I somehow end up figuring it out.”

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