Craft & Material Studies


Sean Evans

College for Creative Studies

Information Technology

As a student, Sean Evans majored in crafts with a concentration in ceramics. Today he enjoys a successful career as a freelance Web designer and a digital applications manager at his alma mater.

“My instructors knew my focus was not only in clay but also in fine art and digital media,” said Evans.

“They encouraged me to experience these different mediums and expressed great interest in what I could bring to them."

“It was when I first started at CCS that the digital movement was really starting to roll. As a student, I frequently combined digital imagery with traditional craft mediums. My interest in web design grew from this and I found that I wanted to create more interactive works, something people could explore and learn from.”

As a digital applications manager, Evans works with departments to upload content to the site. He ensures the pages are up-to-date and that the site serves as a virtual representation of the school’s artistic vision. Working at CCS has also allowed Evans the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of technology and Web design software.