College for Creative Studies: Art Practice (Fine Arts)


Katherine Huber

Team Detroit

CG Production Manager

If there’s one lesson Katherine Huber (’10) learned from pursuing fine arts, it’s that life is a blank canvas; anyone can create a masterpiece if they’re willing to work hard.

“Why did I choose this career path? Well, I think it chose me..."

Huber is the CG production manager and co-founder/vice president of administration of Visca, LLC in Troy. Visca, which has been featured by Fortune Magazine and Crain's Detroit Business, helps companies further develop, market and license tangible sensing systems, wireless sensor applications and wireless data transfer.

As an artist, Huber has exhibited in over a dozen shows in southeast Michigan. Her foundation in fine arts has been crucial to helping her translate striking scientific imagery she has observed through the lens of a microscope into paintings/mixed media pieces for audiences outside of the laboratory to enjoy. Huber was recently appointed as a member to the Board of the Founder's Junior Council (FJC) for the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

“After graduating from CCS, I maintained my creative drive and started conceptualizing art that was inspired by research conducted where I work,” said Huber. “This could be anything from a cross-section of a retina to a ductile of the pancreas to neuronal activity...

“Although I didn't end up owning a studio, I’m still passionate about the arts and continue to create pieces relevant to my experiences. I strongly encourage anyone considering an education in fine arts to absolutely, without hesitation, go for it!”