College for Creative Studies: Photography


Patrick Daly

Freelance Photographer

Patrick Daly’s photography skills have led him down a career path that very few people get to experience. From his freelance work snapping fitness photos for Converse and Reebok to capturing the greatest moments from the recent MLB World Series in Detroit, Daly has made a living doing what he enjoys most.

“As a photographer, I never have to suffer from monotony,” said Daly. “Variety makes this career really exciting! One day I may be shooting motorcycles for a magazine, then waking up the next day to take photos of doctors in an operating room before running off to do a fitness photo shoot later that afternoon.

“I feel that the variety not only gives me the opportunity to highlight my talents as a photographer, but it also allows me to share the stories of people in other professions. I have a genuine interest in showcasing the work that people do through my photography.”

Recently, Daly was hired to photograph the Windsor High School (Connecticut) football team’s 2014 playoff run. The team ended up winning the state championship for the first year ever. This project was especially important to Daly as he had played in the state playoffs for the same school ten years prior.

“Football was a big part of my life for many years,” said Daly. “Toward the end of high school, I faced one of the biggest decisions in my life: choose a college where I could continue playing or choose a college that would allow me to pursue my other passion—art/photography. This project was the perfect combination of both. What’s been interesting is that several art directors have commented that these images have been some of my strongest work.”   

While Daly often feels nostalgic about his days on the field, he doesn’t regret his decision to attend CCS. In fact, it was through the relationships he developed with classmates and mentors that initiated many of the projects he continues to work on today.

“I spent over two years working as a photographer for a recreational vehicle company,” said Daly. “It gave me some great experience, but wasn’t offering me what I was looking for in a career. As I discussed this with some of my former classmates, who were working in product design at places like Converse, Reebok and motorcycle companies, they mentioned needing a photographer to capture images that could be used in advertising and other publications.

“It was actually through a connection I made with a guest speaker/photographer, who had visited the CCS campus, that I was invited to shoot the World Series. He had heard that the MLB was looking for a photographer and remembered meeting me at his presentation. Even though it was a few years later, he gave me a call and told me about the opportunity. I’ve discovered that it’s this relationship—of professional to future professional—that’s made all the difference in taking on the world after CCS.”

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