A Time for Healing, Coming Together, and Action: A Message on the Memory of George Floyd

Dear CCS Community: 

You recently received a statement from our new Assistant Dean in the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Deirdre Young, about the tragic death of George Floyd. The College for Creative Studies condemns all forms of racism and bigotry.  I also want to reinforce how important it is that we reach out to our students, faculty, staff and alumni of color in support. During times like this, it is critical that we all work together to make positive improvements in society and work alongside community members and organizations that advocate for equity and social justice for historically marginalized groups, including people of color and especially African American men and boys.

Although we promote a sense of community to advance equitable outcomes, for many, we are far from that reality. We must work to cultivate a sense of community where we acknowledge inequities due to race and power. In 2020, the coronavirus has illuminated areas where our country remains both politically and racially divided and our quickness to blame others. What we need instead is more understanding, a space for sharing and a willingness to work across differences.  

Unfortunately, there is a long history in the United States of violence against people of color, especially by law enforcement. Artists and designers of all backgrounds have a long history of calling out injustices against all people. CCS has a responsibility to act more effectively to shed light on police brutality and social injustice. We recognize there are police officers who thoughtfully engage in community building. We need to identify these individuals and departments, hold them up as positive examples, and work with them to change the future.

In the coming weeks, Dr. Young has planned community conversations to provide space for CCS community members to process their feelings and identify ways to be agents for change. Details are forthcoming and will be communicated via the CCS website and Blackboard.

Take care,