CCS Color and Materials Design Alumna Featured in Metropolis

CCS Alumna Turns Invasive Plants Into Innovative, Sustainable Materials

Finding use for invasive plant species, the "Uproot Detroit" project proposes 26 types of paper-like materials.

Uproot Detroit Hero

We tend to take the notion that nature is a resource for granted. And while it’s this attitude that’s led to so many environmental problems, many designers (often younger), are engaging with this idea to rethink the natural. No longer a bounty ripe for extraction, in much of this work nature is recast as a source of intelligence, inspiration, creativity, and even threat.

A recent thesis project by Alexa Ulbrich, a 2017 graduate of the MFA program in Color and Materials Design at CCS, aims to shed some light on the issue: How can design properly recognize our social, cultural, and industrial positions towards nature without resorting to unsustainable exploitation?