CCS MFA Interaction Design Project Featured in Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Remember the last time you called Siri into action, and instantly large, Venus of Willendorf-like figures rotated gracefully around with graphic, black-and-white mobiles, attempting to win a dance by signaling them with flashlights? No? That’s because artist Gordon Pask’s 1968 vision, “The Colloquy of Mobiles,” did not turn out to be literally prescient in terms of the physicality of machine-machine and machine-human interaction. However, Pask’s immersive and semi-interactive installation, originally created for the groundbreaking Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, was remarkably oracular in terms of modeling a human environment containing conversational machines — now such a quotidian part of life in developed countries that we rarely notice it.

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