CCS MFA Interdisciplinary Design students partner with Delphi for sponsored project

MFA Delphi

What will the world look like two decades from now?

MFA Delphi
Working with Delphi Automotive, this MFA sponsored project had students in the Interdisciplinary Design program review a “2020 report” by Intuit that stated “Over the next decade Intelligence devices and sensors will be embedded throughout the environment and in most products.” The report went on to say “analytical software will analyze growing streams of data to help people make life and business decisions. Robotics will move beyond industrial use, becoming common in the consumer environment. Automations will replace humans in a growing array of tasks ranging from patient healthcare to industrial production.”

Delphi asked students to investigate megatrends within the context of transportation that will impact/transform user experiences, products and markets.  Students analyzed mobility” in the experiential context and how this can be envisioned from the user/consumer perspective rather than as a “product or technology design.”

In looking into the future, students were asked to make informed guesses, keeping in mind that some possibilities are more likely than others. In the future, technology will become more mainstream, invisible and pervasive because technology will become consumer driven.  Consumers will shape their local ecosystems within a global economy. New communities will grow - transnational affiliations based on ethnicity, religion, underground subcultures, sexuality, and global mass and user-generated media.  Resource shortages and environmental crises will grow spiritual desire to connect with the earth, and necessity and creativity will drive sustainable innovation from green cities and peer-to-peer networks.

These factors present significant challenges to transportation businesses, but are also a catalyst for innovation across the industry. While investigating these megatrends and mobility, students searched for key insights to define crucial future transportation experiences, created a range of research driven experience design concepts and assembled and presented a set of deliverables that illustrated multiple solutions.

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