CCS students dominate GM design competition

Students from CCS claimed 5 of the 8 top spots in the General Motors (GM) Interactive Design Competition as announced at the 2012 North American International Automotive Show. Over 300 students from across the United States and Canada entered the competition, launched in spring 2011. Entrants were challenged to design both an interior and exterior design for one of GMâ??s four brands â?? Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC â?? each of which set a unique design brief. GM designers mentored students for a period of a month for each phase of the competition to help each entrant improve their design in an interactive and open process through the web. Both an interior and exterior winner was announced for each brand. Winning designers received a paid internship at GMâ??s design studio in Warren and an iPad 2. Judges focused on the quality and innovation of each entry, the improvement and refinement of each studentâ??s design achieved during the mentoring phase and the level of engagement and interaction of the students with the professional mentoring and jury team. Winners are: Buick â?? Michael McGee (interior) and Luke Mack (exterior) Interior Exterior GMC â?? TJ Edmison (interior) and Shane Harbour (exterior) Interior Exterior Chevrolet â?? Yuxin Wang (interior) Interior Learn more: