CCS Transportation Design students work with Crown Equipment Company to design new forklifts

Everything from toothbrushes to cell phones to blenders must undergo a design process, thatâ??s why design is integral to all parts of our lives. That includes forklifts. CCS students become intimately acquainted with every aspect of forklift designs in a recent sponsored project with Crown Equipment Company. Junior Transportation Design students focused on developing innovative concepts for Crownâ??s multiple product lines focusing on introducing the products to consumers by 2015. Throughout the project, technical staff and designers from Crown Equipment regularly visited the students to provide expertise and feedback. â??The students were not limited to any one of our product segments so we assembled a team of highly experienced Crown designers to represent a broad spectrum of our current product line. The idea was to give the students as comprehensive feedback as possible. Getting out of the office is always a welcome break but we all think our time spent with these students was like getting our batteries recharged. We definitely had fun with this project,â? says Craig Rekow, Senior Project Industrial Designer at Crown Equipment. A key anticipated outcome from the project was the creation of an exciting, fresh and unified overall appearance of key products in a potential future Crown product line. The student work was shaped by market projections, customer profiles and technology integration. At the culmination of the project in April, Crownâ??s Vice President of Design, Mike Gallagher awarded scholarships to the following students: Arkadiy Okhman (1st place), Angel Villalba (2nd place), and Adam Guy (3rd place). â??Overall, their work displayed a great deal of innovation, product knowledge and visual creativity. They showed us exciting visions of our industry that surprised and delighted us. These students should be very proud of their efforts,â? added Rekow.