CCS's Entertainment Arts Reel Deal = Real Opportunity

On March 23, over 44 students shared their entertainment arts-related work with over 20 studios/potential employers as part of the departmentâ??s second annual Reel Deal career event. Several guests stayed on campus after the show to discuss career and internship opportunities with students and visit classrooms. â??Entertainment Arts is creating top level artists ready for the professional world,â? said Scott Bogoniewski, chair of the Entertainment Arts Department. â??Studios were impressed by the level of talent, the energy in the work, the uniqueness of the work and the diversity of skills showcased in the show. â??So far, at least seven students have already landed work with studios who attended this yearâ??s Reel Deal. Scientifically Proven interviewed and is still contacting students (more than five) for upcoming internships and jobs. Hook interviewed three students and offered one full-time position, and Armstrong White offered a full time position.â? During the event, Mike Tassie from Nether Realm Studios (the Chicago-based Warner Bros. game company best known for the Mortal Kombat franchise) spoke with several game students about internships and other positions at his company. He stayed on campus into the afternoon to visit Dave Bentleyâ??s Environment Design Class and review work of select Illustration students. â??I have been invited to many events like this in the Chicago and Midwest, but CCS is clearly way ahead of anything I have seen,â? said Tassie. â??I am very impressed by the work I just saw from you.â? Than McClure, founder of Detroit-based interactive production company Scientifically Proven, attended Reel Deal in search of local talent to add to his team. â??I am glad to see that we donâ??t have to bring people in from other areas,â? he said. â??CCS students are ready to jump into production, and we want to hire them.â? Other studios/potential employers who attended the event include Compuware, Groove Box Studios, GFK Custom Research, IDEACore, Leo Burnett, Mindfield Pictures, Pixo Entertainment, Planet E Communications, Pluto Post Production, Quicken Loans, Radish Creative Group, Rippld and RTT. While students recognized the internship and career potential offered by Reel Deal, many enjoyed the opportunity to simply share their work with a larger audience. â??I would like to say that our department looked incredible at the Reel Deal today,â? commented one Entertainment Arts student. â??Congratulations on everyoneâ??s hard work and dedication to their craft. It has paid off, and we all deserve a pat on the back.â? After wrapping up work for the Ann Arbor Film Festival (early April), the Electronic Arts Department will publish the Reel Deal show reels online so industry professionals worldwide will have access to student work.