College for Creative Studies Partners with Skidmore Studio to Present “Reengineering Detroit with Design Thinking”

Tim Smith DDF

Tim Smith DDF
Innovation and creativity ultimately led to Detroit’s role as a manufacturing giant but an emerging trend known as Design Thinking may be key to the city’s inevitable reemergence. Join the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and Skidmore Studio for “Reengineering Detroit with Design Thinking” on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 2:00 p.m. This engaging panel discussion, held in conjunction with the Detroit Design Festival (DDF), will examine how we identify solutions to create the Detroit we desire.

"In today's world, designers and non-designers alike, must understand that design is a verb, not a noun," said Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studio.  "We are designing experiences for our audiences that must provide solutions.  It is design thinking.  As a design studio we must help our clients understand that the process we use is the secret sauce.  It is the pathway to extraordinary design."

Key leaders of Skidmore Studio, including two CCS alums from their strategy, design and illustration departments, will showcase the studio's three-step design thinking process.  Skidmore is focused on the role of design in the redevelopment and re-engineering of Detroit, and has used this to propel their clients forward. The Skidmore team will leverage case studies to demonstrate how "kick ass design" can rock the status quo.

CCS’s Ford Campus will play host to many other events during DDF. For a schedule of events go here.