Community + Public Arts Detroit teams up with artists to upgrade local parks

Edible Hut

Edible Hut

As the City of Detroit continues its cost cutting measures, residents in area neighborhoods have taken it upon themselves to ensure their local parks are well maintained and operating in a manner that best fits their needs.

For the past six years, CCS’s Community + Public Arts Detroit (C+PAD) has been working with six neighborhoods within the Skillman Good Neighborhood Initiative to commission public art works that meet the desires of each neighborhood. Rather than commission works that come from an artist’s individual vision, C+PAD first asks neighborhoods what they want, and then facilitates and funds the process of finding artists who can meet those needs.

The results of this approach have led to the construction of an Edible Hut in Calimera Park in the Osborn neighborhood. The hut is a sort of living gazebo, a shelter and community space with a garden of edible perennials growing on its roof.

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