Design research is core component of CCS's MFA curriculum

Understanding the need and execution of research in design is a crucial component of CCS's MFA curriculum. In the fall 2012 semester, CCS's MFA Interdisciplinary Design program collaborated with Sheryl Connelly, the Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager at Ford Motor Company, to develop and co-teach a graduate-level contextual design research course on future scenario planning.

The class was divided into four teams and asked to research one of the emerging BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China. The teams gathered historical and current information on events from academic, public and private sources and assessed the impact of these events through multiple lenses – political, social, environmental, economic and technological. By exploring the impact on community, family and the individual, students gained an understanding of the causal relationships that imprint and define the values and behavior of a generation to lifelong worldviews.

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