Empowering Rural India through Transportation Design by Spencer Chamberlin

From this population, roughly 200 million are Indian farmers whom have inadequate transportation. Some of these farmers have access to a single bicycle to get around, while many others have only their feet. In order to make ends meet, farmers need additional, consistent income outside of farming which they can only achieve by getting improved transportation.

Spencer Chamberlin focused his thesis on this problem and after spending six weeks in India researching farmers’ needs first hand, he designed a revolutionary vehicle system.

Spencer observed how farmers spend hours each day hauling heavy loads of crops, tools, and water on underdeveloped roads. As a result he developed a self-constructed vehicle system designed to empower the farmer to move their products in a more efficient and timely manner. By doing so, the new vehicle has the ability to increase the income level of farmers above the international poverty line of $2.50 per day.Spencer Chamberlin